Our Vision

To be the foremost contractor of choice; a companay known to be one of the most competitive construction companies in the Philippines, committed to providing passionate workmanship to our clients and suppliers, nurturing developmental growth within our employees and be an instrument of progress in the community.

Our Mission

Samance seeks to turn our own vision into reality thru our commitment to our mission to:

  • To employ competent and God-fearing employees and laborers who surpass rigorous training in both technical and interpersonal skills and embody the Code of Conduct upon which the company live by
  • To obtain good quality materials from trusted suppliers with whom the Company has excellent rapport with
  • To research the ever-changing trends in architecture, engineering and construction as well as be updated in current events so as to capture the desires of the clients, progress with time, and develop new innovative ways on to improve system
  • To become God’s stewards of his Creation thru integrating environmental-friendly practices into the overall operations and management of the company and actively engage in community service thru outreaches and hiring opportunities

Code of Conduct

  • Passionate Workmanship
  • Responsible Leadership
  • Unity in Diversity
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Truth, Honesty and Respect (in all dealings)